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Voyageur Studios is a Singapore-based team of experienced computer graphics (CG) artists, technical directors (TDs) and problem solvers with a penchant for storytelling and top-class visuals.

With an eclectic mix of production experience from advertising to Hollywood, we create animation and visual effects for a wide range of industries. Industries such as film, tv, games, advertising, VR and even medicine. Our capabilities are not limited by the boundaries of CG. Together with our sister studio Semicolon, we can take an idea from storyboard to film shoot, through our CG pipeline and finally to the finished frames on your screen. Come along for the ride, it'll be quite a journey.

The Founders

Daniel Lee Si Horng, VFX Producer

Daniel is an award-winning, seasoned motion graphics artist and entrepreneur, and has delivered film and CG projects for several established brands such as Starhub, KFC and Estée Lauder. Having spent several years on the set of live-action shoots, Daniel extends Voyageur's capabilities beyond the workstation's pixels.
A noteworthy regret of Daniel's is allowing Keet Mun to freely give a speech at his wedding banquet, prompting exasperation from his in-laws.

Wong Keet Mun, VFX Lead

Prior to joining forces with Daniel, Keet Mun spent slightly more than 7 years at Lucasfilm/Industrial Light & Magic as a lighting technical director (TD), working on several animation and vfx shows. He has worked on movies like Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, Jurassic World and Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Keet Mun brings to Voyageur production and pipeline expertise, and sometimes egg tarts from Tiong Bahru.
A noteworthy achievement of Keet Mun's is a rousing speech at Daniel's wedding, garnering adoration of the rapturous crowd.